Rewarding the Slightest Try

This is an interesting topic, one that I could probably discuss for days on end in great detail. But, I wanted to see if I could simplify this statement and share why it’s so valuable at the same time.
This concept of rewarding the slightest Try a horse offers you can look like a trillion different things (yes a trillion if not more) but what’s more important is that you honor the Try that they give. Sometimes it’s opening your hands when they start to follow your lead rope. Sometimes it’s looking away when a scared horse finally gets the courage to look at you with two eyes. Sometimes it’s taking a breath and loosening your fingers on the reins when your horse makes that beautiful transition into the canter. Sometimes it’s giving them a big release after they have completed 25 laps on the circle without any correction. Sometimes it’s softening when your horse shifts his weight in the direction you want.
Why is this powerful for the horse? It allows him to know that you KNOW that he’s trying.
How often do you think you miss the slightest Try? I did a lot in my journey.
How often do you see it as clear as day? It’s something to ponder my friends.
– Ashley