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Next Custom Camp, Auburn, CA – May, 2024

Join Us LIVE!


Join Us Live!
What are these "Custom Camps?"

Custom Camps are what we call the multi-day, ultra-focused Clinics that Ashley and Micaela put on a few times per year in McAllister, MT and Auburn, CA. Gathering participants from around the world, these events are a hit, having been completely filled every year. Camps are tailored to the participants needs, and the curriculum is customized to serve each individual horse and human, thus the name “Custom Camp.”

What do you mean by "LIVE?"

When we say “LIVE,” we mean it. Using high-level media gear; multiple Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, high-fidelity wireless audio equipment, seamless audio/video switchers, and reliable streaming platforms.. we’re able to bring every crucial instructing moment straight into your home, literally as it happens. Join us on the stream for over six hours of instruction on every clinic day, place your questions about the instruction in the live chat, and have them answered by Ashley and Mic on a FIFTH day of the clinic, specifically scheduled for remote viewers. Can’t make the live, or would prefer to just see the Instructor Demonstrations? NO PROBLEM! Every minute of the Custom Camp will be archived and available for UNLIMITED viewing, FOREVER. No worries about trying to sift through everything else to find the demonstrations either! Each Instructor Demonstration, as well as the key teaching moments, will be curated from the complete stream, and populated on the same page, so they’ll always be easy to find and study.

This is expensive, isn't it?

In our opinion, not at all. The amount of value that pours out of these clinics is hard to quantify. But, what we do know, is that in-person auditors are charged $25/day to view the events… and they can’t take it home. Auditors can take notes, and they can make sure to listen closely, but even video isn’t allowed at these events for liability reasons. Nobody has ever complained about price or value. A Custom Camp LIVE, on the other hand? For a flat $200, you can view every moment, forever, for less than double the in-person auditor fee, given the fifth day Q&A Session is a virtual-only event. Take notes at your own leisure, or take the demonstrations out to the arena with you the next day, the material is always there. We believe this price is extremely fair, given the enduring value.

Will I need anything special to view the event?

Not anything special, no. Just an internet connection and a connected device. The streaming technology being used for these events has been specifically chosen to make each day a seamless viewing experience for everyone.

What if I can't make the event time each day?

No worries, the only thing you’ll lose out on is the ability to put your questions to Ashley or Micaela via the Livechat. We even mitigate that potential loss with posts in the Community Forum pertaining to each day, allowing viewers to place their questions there, if they’re viewing the event days outside of the live schedule. The fifth day Q&A Session will be archived for later viewing as well.

Will I lose access to the archive after a certain date?

Absolutely not! Purchasing access to a Custom Camp Live event confers access to all event streams, chats, demonstrations, and Q&As… as well as the coinciding community forum… forever. No limitations, no time limits. It’s yours to access, always.

What if I want to participate in person, with my horse?

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