Custom Camp

Auburn, CA - May 2024


Auburn, CA - May 2024

What you will receive

  • Full Access to the complete livestream of the entire FOUR days of the Custom Camp, SIX hours every day.
  • A Virtual Only Live Q&A Session held on the FIFTH day, answering your questions from each day.
  • Access to curated instructor demonstrations, and key teaching moments.
  • Archive of entire event, available to you FOREVER.
  • Access to “May 2024 Custom Camp” Forum

What you will need

To view the stream live, all you need is a suitable computer or smartphone, and a decent internet connection. If you happen to have an extremely slow internet connection, you may have a hard time viewing the livestream itself, but the archive can be viewed without issue.

If you have further questions

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about the Custom Camps.