Equine Videos

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Atwood Ranch Filly AR Chex Out My Kitty, otherwise known as Raven, is being developed by Ashley. This is a 22-part series, including a broad range of tasks, that was requested by the Parelli Foundation to showcase Raven on her road to the 2018 Parelli Summit in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Savvy Tips

Quick wins for the horseman!

Did you forget which knot to know? Do you know what to do if your horse spooks? Do you know how to get your horse in the mood for training?

This gallery contains a series of videos pertaining to everyday interactions with our equine partners.

Dancing with Halston!

Watch Ashley and her main squeeze, Halston, as they dance together and showcase their relationship.

She shows us what is possible, and what true harmony looks like… a bond that is stronger than any leadrope.