Road to the Summit Raven

AR Chex Out My Kitty

Tasks requested by Parelli for the 2018 Road to the Summit

Show 7 games with just a few steps
With 22’ line yo-yo horse to leather popper.
With 22’line play Circling Game at trot with 3 changes of direction without losing trot.
With 22’ line show sideways 7 strides both directions.
Ride Bareback with halter and Savvy String, walk trot and lope; then down to a backup.  String on both sides.
Saddle from Indian side with lead line on ground.
Bridle horse from knees.
Mount from a fence
Show indirect to direct rein in a smooth flowing motion going from trot down to walk then trotting out.
Ride from Halt up to a Trot then Canter on loose rein, stopping from canter with one rein.
Trot  toward camera in a straight line coming down to a stop then backup maintaining a straight line.
Ride sideways towards the camera showing both directions.
Canter along the fence and use a Carrot Stick to make downward transitions along the fence to a backup, both directions.
With a casual rein, show three simple lead changes.
Show 3 trotting yo-yo maneuvers, casual rein through 9-step backup.
Show ½ turn on forehand followed be full turn on haunches with minimal movement on axis.
Open then close a gate
Show cantering Clover Leaf one full revolution both directions stopping at “X”.
On a large circle transition from Halt to Trot to Lope then down to Trot to Walk to Backup each with minimum of 5 strides staying on the circle.
Unsaddle horse in open area, walk away with the saddle and put on fence or a saddle rack.

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