Road to the Summit Raven

Tasks requested by Parelli for the 2018 Road to the Summit

Show 7 games with just a few steps
With 22’ line yo-yo horse to leather popper.
With 22’line play Circling Game at trot with 3 changes of direction without losing trot.
With 22’ line show sideways 7 strides both directions.
Ride Bareback with halter and Savvy String, walk trot and lope; then down to a backup.  String on both sides.
Saddle from Indian side with lead line on ground.
Bridle horse from knees.
Mount from a fence
Show indirect to direct rein in a smooth flowing motion going from trot down to walk then trotting out.
Ride from Halt up to a Trot then Canter on loose rein, stopping from canter with one rein.
Trot  toward camera in a straight line coming down to a stop then backup maintaining a straight line.
Ride sideways towards the camera showing both directions.
Canter along the fence and use a Carrot Stick to make downward transitions along the fence to a backup, both directions.
With a casual rein, show three simple lead changes.
Show 3 trotting yo-yo maneuvers, casual rein through 9-step backup.
Show ½ turn on forehand followed be full turn on haunches with minimal movement on axis.
Open then close a gate
Show cantering Clover Leaf one full revolution both directions stopping at “X”.
On a large circle transition from Halt to Trot to Lope then down to Trot to Walk to Backup each with minimum of 5 strides staying on the circle.
Unsaddle horse in open area, walk away with the saddle and put on fence or a saddle rack.

Task 20, Unsaddle and Walk Away

Ashley Dudas and Raven bring the 2018 Road to the Summit video series to a close.

Task 19, Cloverleaf Pattern

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven show you the cloverleaf pattern.

Task 18, Transitions on a Circle

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven show you transitions on a circle.

Task 17, Open and Close Gate

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven open and close a gate as partners.

Task 16, Hind Quarter Yield and Fore Quarter Yield

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven show you both Hind Quarter and Fore Quarter Yields.

Task 15, Three Trotting Yo-Yo’s

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven show you three trotting yo-yo’s.

Task 14, Simple Lead Changes

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven show you some simple lead changes.

Task 13, Downward Transitions with a Carrotstick

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven show you downward transitions, using a carrotstick for support.

Task 12, Sideways Both Directions

Ashley Dudas has Raven show us her basic lateral maneuvers with the sideways game.

Task 11, Backup from the Trot

Ashley Dudas and Raven showing a trot to back-up transition.

Task 10, Halter-to-Canter One-Rein-Stop

Ashley Dudas and Raven showing the walk, trot and canter.. down to a halt with one-rein as support.

Task 9, Indirect-to-Direct Rein

Ashley Dudas and Raven showing indirect(yielding hind-quarters) and direct(yielding fore-quarters) rein.

Task 8, Mounting from a Fence

Raven acting like a partner, and picking up Ashley Dudas from the Fence.

Task 7, Bridling from a Knee

Ashley Dudas teaching Raven to accept a bridle while her human is kneeling.

Task 6, Walk-Trot-Canter Bareback

Ashley Dudas with a bit of sunset bareback riding on Raven the Super-Pony.

Task 5, Off-Side Saddling

Ashley Dudas demonstrating Ravens comfort in being saddled, by saddling from the off-side.

Task 4, Sideways Game

Here Ashley Dudas and Raven are showing the basics of lateral maneuvers with the sideways game.

Task 3, Change of Direction

Ashley Dudas showing that Raven understands her responsibilities of maintaining gate, maintaining direction and watching where she is going.. here Ashley asks for three changes of direction on a circle.

Task 2, Yo-Yo Game

Balancing forwards and backwards, here is Raven playing with the Yo-Yo Game with Ashley Dudas.

Task 1, Parelli 7-Games

Ashley Dudas taking Miss Raven through the Parelli Natural Horsemanship 7-Games.