Video Blogs

A Day with Appaloosas!

3-Star Parelli Professional Ashley Dudas travels to Scottsdale for a few lessons, with a few clients, and their amazing Appaloosa partners!

A New Location, A New Vision..

We have found ourselves in a new location, with a new vision, and fresh inertia.

2019 Parelli Savvy Summit!

In this Vlog Episode, The Savvy Equestrian makes a trip a Pagosa Springs, Colorado for the the 2019 Parelli Savvy Summit and International Instructor Conference. It was a pleasure to be around Pat and Linda Parelli, as well as all the attending instructors and students… it was also an honor to receive my 3rd star and become Arizona’s newest 3-Star Parelli Professional!

An Interesting Experience..

In Part 2 of this Episode, you join us at the finishline festivities of the ride, and are let into the challenging world of Endurance Riding with an interview with MJ Fridley and Lucian Spataro.

Back on the road!

In this Episode, we head to Wickenburg, AZ for the 2019 Land of the Sun Endurance Ride.

Set in the pristine desert along the Hassayampa River, this ride is an enjoyable experience for those who participate and assist.

Part 1 of this Episode introduces you to the ride, as well as the riders, and takes you through to the start of the 30-mile Limitied-Distance ride.

Welcome to Heritage Ranch!


Our Facility is finally complete! Well, the bones are complete, at least! We have been working on this for quite some time now, and are so excited to be able to finally share it with all of you! It is an incredible place to be.

This is the first video to inlude our beautiful new facility in Palo Verde, AZ… but it clearly will not be the last!

Our First Ever Video Blog!


In our first YouTube Vlog Episode, we introduce Ashley and The Savvy Equestrian. We also get a glimpse into #RTTSRaven, and where she is at in her development, as well as meeting her new partner. We also meet another student, Debbie, as well as her partner Jake.

This is an introduction to the type of stuff we have been doing.