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Premium Membership

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Delve deeper into your horsemanship journey with the Premium Membership. Begin with access to weekly Livestream sessions, offering real-time engagement, advanced training insights, and personalized guidance from Ashley, as well as an ever-growing archive of all of these events. Participate in the Premium Forum, a dedicated space for in-depth discussions, sharing experiences, and connecting with like-minded horsemen.

In addition to these exclusive features, the Premium Membership includes all the foundational elements of Ashley’s curriculum available in the Basic tier. This includes structured courses, insightful instructor demonstrations, and valuable quick tips. Engage in monthly interactive Q&A sessions and benefit from a supportive community forum. This tier is tailored for dedicated horse lovers, aiming to cultivate a deeper connection with their horses, while seeking advanced training and community support.

Weekly Livestream/Q&A

Weekly Live Engagement

Immerse yourself in our Weekly Livestream Sessions, available to Premium Members. These sessions offer unparalleled access to Ashley’s advanced training techniques and wisdom. Engage directly with Ashley in real-time, gaining personalized insights and advice tailored to your horsemanship journey. These livestreams are your gateway to deeper understanding and more dynamic learning experiences.

Community Forum

Premium Access

Join the inner circle with exclusive access to our Premium Forum. This elite community space is designed for in-depth discussions, sharing unique experiences, and connecting with fellow passionate equestrians. The Premium Forum is a rich resource for advanced learning, where members exchange ideas, seek advice, and celebrate each other’s progress under Ashley’s expert guidance.


Comprehensive Learning

Embark on a structured journey through Ashley’s in-depth courses, tailored to elevate your horsemanship with precision and clarity. Each session builds upon the last, ensuring continuous progress.

Clinic Demos

Expert Demonstrations

Witness Ashley and guest instructors in action with our Clinic Demonstrations. These demos give you an inside look at the knowledge and insight shared at in-person clinic weekends, providing valuable insights that you can apply in your own practice at home.

Quick Wins

Fast, Actionable Progression

Stay inspired and progress daily with Ashley’s “Quick Wins” – actionable tips that make a big impact. These bite-sized lessons are tailored for practicality and effectiveness, ensuring that even on your busiest days, you can achieve meaningful progress.


Monthly Q&A Call

Questions Answered LIVE

Join Ashley live each month for a Q&A session where your most pressing questions are answered. This direct line to Ashley offers an opportunity to ask your questions directly, but also helps you stay aligned with your training goals.

50% Off Custom Camps

Exclusive Camp Savings

As a Premium Member, you’re entitled to a special 50% discount on all Custom Camps. These camps seek to provide an immersive environment to deepen your connection and understanding of your horse.

Are you beyond Dedicated and Obsessed? Put your Horsemanship front and center with the Savvy Mentorship!

Pick up a solid forward march with direct access to Ashley, including Weekly Video Coaching and Mastermind Zoom Sessions with your fellow Savvy Members, as well as a Monthly Surprise Gift Box!

Weekly Video Coaching

Savvy Coaching?

This exclusive service, not included in the Premium Membership, offers personalized video analysis of your horsemanship. Receive detailed feedback and tailored coaching tips from Ashley, helping you refine techniques and overcome specific challenges. Ideal for horse lovers seeking focused, individualized improvement.

Weekly Mastermind Session

Access and Accountability?

Interactive, deep-dive discussions focusing on advanced horsemanship topics. Collaborate with a close-knit community of dedicated horse lovers, and gain insights directly from Ashley. It’s a space for growth, learning, and sharing in a supportive, high-level environment.

Monthly Gift Box

Handy and Healthy Goodies?

Delight in the joy of receiving a Monthly Gift Box! Each box is curated with horsemanship-themed items, from practical horse care products to unique accessories. These delightful surprises, sent straight to your doorstep, add an extra touch of excitement to your horsemanship journey.

Full Custom Camp Access

Maximize Your Mastery

Access to all current and future Custom Camps. These camps provide comprehensive training experiences, covering a wide range of skills and disciplines. Enjoy unrestricted entry to every camp, designed to elevate your horsemanship to its highest potential.