Coaching, 10-Minute Limit


One-on-One Video Coaching from your instructor, Ashley Dudas.



The Savvy Equestrian Video Coaching is a great way to receive one-on-one training, directly from Ashley… from anywhere in the world.

Upon purchasing this product, you will be given a “File Request Link.” From there you can upload up to 10-Minutes of video footage of you and your equine partner, demonstrating anything you are working on and would like coaching with. Even if your video is just you at your office desk asking a series of questions… send it our way, and we’ll head out to the arena and put together a video segment catered specifically to you.

You are in control! You pick the subject, and the cameras come on just for you!

Response will be produced within fourteen(14) days of your submission, and a Dropbox Folder will be sent back to you, containing your custom video lesson, as well as a PDF file summarizing the lesson.


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