Savvy [sav-ee] adjective: having or showing perception, comprehension, or shrewdness especially in practical matters.

Everything in the equestrian world can be done with Savvy… from the barn, to the show-ring, or trail… including every little detail in between. Becoming Savvy with horses includes a fundamental change in both humans and horses, to be able to communicate, learn, grow and work or play together, in harmony.

We are the voice for our horses, helping serve our beloved equine’s in the world of humans. Educating horse lovers to truly understand their horses behavior and progress forward in their goals, together as partners, is our mission.

The Savvy Equestrian’s approach is to help serve horse lovers with Balanced, Relationship-based training… setting a solid foundation of understanding between horse and human, no matter what your sport specific focus or chosen discipline is. We put the horses needs FIRST, we show up as the horses needs us to be FIRST, so that the horse can be who we need him to be.

The Savvy Equestrian is the resource for Horsemanship Educational Content for ALL horse lovers. Offering an online community that shares Horsemanship Course Curriculums, Video Lessons, Quick information to be able to instantly use with yourself and your horse, as well as LIVESTREAM demonstrations and Q&As, it’s easy for anyone who wants to be better for their beloved horses to get started!

About Ashley

Ashley Dudas is a student of The Horse. Specializing in Equine Behavior and Psychology, with a background in Natural Horsemanship, as well as young horse training and development.

Ashley started her career with horses in the English Performance World, when she met a horse who demanded she change her approach entirely. At first she thought the horse was the problem…as it turns out, the horse that changed her life was just terrified of the world, and completely misunderstood. How she was being “trained” was the problem… in reality, she wasn’t being trained at all. Once Ashley’s eyes were opened to the world of Horsemanship as an Art Form, the relationship with her first Super Horse was saved.

Ashley is dedicated to helping horses and the humans who love them reach their full potential. Her passion is to help individuals develop the habits and skills they need to effectively communicate and understand their equine partners and achieve the level of horsemanship and partnership they are dreaming of! Whether you are a beginner, a competitor looking for an edge, or someone who needs support with developing your green horse… Ashley will offer assistance all along your path of achieving you and your horses goals, no matter what they may be.

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