Everyday Asks

As I was playing with the horses under the shade of the barn, as the sun continues to scorch us, I realized there is still SO MUCH you can do with your horse to continue progress in a small space. When you’re dealing with less than perfect weather conditions or extreme heat advisories, you can work on the little things that we take for granted. Here’s a few examples:
* Haltering, is your horse and active participant when you are putting your halter on? Is he soft, connected and responding to you OR is his head on the clouds and not focused on you at all?
* Saddling, does your horse stand like a partner without being tied, for you to put your saddle on? OR is he fidgety and can’t stand still?
* Bridling, does your horse keep his head down and accept the bit willingly OR do they keep their head up and you find yourself standing on a bucket to just get it done?
Here’s a pro tip, take your time and actually help your horse understand that we want him to be a willing participant in these everyday “asks” of him. What that does is keep the relationship intact while expecting your horse to act like a partner in everything they do. This transfers to when you are riding him, because with horses Everything means Something and Nothing means Nothing.
What are a few things that you focus on to stay progressive in not so great weather? Share in the comments for others to get more ideas!
– Ashley