No Quick Fixes

In horsemanship and health there are no “quick fixes”. There are ways of being that are more natural to the horse and practices that serve your health. It takes time and practice to be the best we can for our horses and it takes consistency and discipline to make healthy choices for our overall well-being.
It is not accomplished overnight. It is done in the daily routines you have. You are either building your relationship and education with your horses or you’re damaging it. It’s the same with your health.
In a society that pushes gadgets and harsher bits, tools that in the wrong hands lead to more trouble to mask the problem… the same is done with pills and medications to mask the symptoms, instead of addressing the root cause of our ill health.
There is a time and place to properly use tools that can help a horse. The same goes for pills and medication for our health.
But my argument is this:
If you knew there was a way to add to your relationship with your horse or to add more health into your life… why wouldn’t you do it?
This question boggles my mind but my answer years ago was, “I didn’t know any better.”
If you are struggling with your relationship with your horses or feeling stuck in unhealthy habits surrounding your health please do not suffer in silence. Reaching out can be the hardest thing but there are resources available to you, I’m one of them. Send me a message if you need support. It’s why I’m here friends.
– Ashley